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Welcome to Pod Save The Queen - the royal podcast from the Daily Mirror.Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry gave the royal family trans-Atlantic appeal - and injected new energy into The Firm. But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have since chosen a different path, stepping back from their senior roles and taking baby Archie to live in Canada for much of the year as they carve out a new independent identity.Follow updates on a time of unprecedented change for the royal family, which is also dealing with Prince Andrew being sacked by the Queen and a changing of the guard to the younger generations, as future kings William and Charles, along with their wives Camilla and Kate, take on more of the Queen's duties and engagements, Prince Philip tries to stay out of trouble, and the Cambridges' children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis grow up both in and out of the public eye.Expect behind the scenes details, fashion, travel, causes, politics and society, plus interviews with people who can provide a particular insight into your favourite royals, their work and their place in Britain today.Your regular companions are host Ann Gripper (@anngripper) and Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers (@rjmyers). Join the conversation about the podcast on Instagram and Twitter @podsave for a chance to hear your comments on the show, and follow @MirrorRoyal for all the latest royal news on Twitter.

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