Say It Out Loud Ep 3- V Day: To Love and Be Loved


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What's up crew members! It's time to unmute and say it out loud! Issa Valentine's Day episode and we have got a good one for you today. Have you heard about Plies and his grill? We're talking about it in our "Say What?!" segment. Come chill with us in the Dr. Waiting Room, and we have a special letter during our Crew Love segment from a sister who needs some advice. Make sure you join the conversation on social media with #sayitcrew. Say It Out Loud "Talkin' to Myself by Hell Nasty" "Stockholm (Instrumental Version) by Revel Day" "Those Girls With Pearls by Aesyme" "Vintage Velour (Instrumental Version) by Xavy Rusan" Host: Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes, Kaiya Jennings Production and Editing Credits: Porsha Williams Gates of Porshanality Media, LLC Graphics: Bee Harris

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