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Greetings, beloved ones. My name is Lyvonne Briggs, and I am a body and sex positive womanist preacher, speaker, and author. I am the host of Sensual Faith, a sacred space for you to uncover your spirituality, recover your sensuality, and discover your sexuality. If that sounds good to you, and that feels good to you, then you’re in the right place. For those of you who desire to feel at home in your body, who want to love God and love sex, who want to indulge in sensual pleasure without shame, tune in bi-weekly on Thursdays, and follow the conversation online using #sensualfaithpod. Let’s co-create this juicy, delicious community together, and remember, faith should feel good. If you want to learn and community with me, join the Sensual Faith Patreon. Visit and join the tier that’s right for you. Follow me @lyvonnebriggs on all social media. Visit my website,, to contact me for speaking, teaching, preaching and more! If you are ready to invest in this work, bless me on any of the following platforms listed below. Tithes: Zelle: Venmo: @LyvonneP Cash App: $PastorBae QuickPay: Credits: Hosted by Lyvonne Briggs Produced by Kacia Huynh and Porsha Williams Gates of Porshanality Media, LLC Editing and sound mixing by Kacia Huynh of Porshanality Media, LLC Music from “Be Your Girlfriend (Instrumental Version)” by Lil’ Loca

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