Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty - With Special Guest Isaac Hadriye President & CEO of ON-SITE


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Post Purchase PRO Podcast - Episode Fifty - With Special Guest Isaac Hadriye President & CEO of ON-SITE

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This is the post purchase PRO podcast.

Today, guys, we have a really exciting episode. This is actually something really, really unique in the marketplace. I'm super excited to have Isaac Hadriye the Founder and CEO of on-site Support. The reason why I'm so excited is something that will soon unveil to you, but basically, isaac's able to do something that no one else in the industry is able to do, and it dramatically increases your profitability, because it can limit negative reviews and limit return. So, Isaac, tell us what on-site support is, Tell us who Isaac is, and bring us up to speed on what you guys do.

First, thanks for having me, guys. I appreciate being on here with you and your audience. on-site is brand-new six months in the making, It's a partnership with Amazon exclusive partnerships so far, so we're the only place you can get it. And we're giving you that ability to live chat with your customers post purchase, so any customer who buys from you on Amazon currently goes to Amazon to get support Now. They can go to Amazon and get that support from you. So, instead of Amazon just processing a return, you get to stop that.

Yeah, that's amazing. So, this is why I'm so excited. You know, at post Purchase Pro, we really care about that post purchase experience for the customer. And so, what you guys are doing is actually allowing the seller to step in, right and chat with the customers. If there's an issue, if they have a question, if they don't know how to use the product, you're able to basically stop returns and stop negative reviews right in their tracks. Because what you guys are able to do is actually provide that support that Amazon can provide.

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