Episode 327 - Your Plumbers Should Focus on Value, Not Selling Pressure


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How can you make more money without subjecting your plumbers to sales pressure? In this insightful episode of Potty Talk LIVE The Million Dollar Plumber and The Lovely Laura discuss why plumbers don’t sell and how to incentivize them and make more money.

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Thanks for catching Potty Talk LIVE, THE show for plumbing business owners. Richard Behney, The Million Dollar Plumber, teaches the "business" of plumbing -- everything from how to start a plumbing business to pricing correctly, finding new customers, hiring the best plumbers, branding your company to stand out in your market, increasing your online presence and everything in between.

Richard started his plumbing business from his kitchen table with no money and no idea how to do the "business" of plumbing. Through a lot of trial and error, he grew it into a multi-truck, multi-million dollar plumbing business and wants to help you do the same!

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