Precious Metals interview with David Smith Precious Metals Mining Stock Expert


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My guest today is David H. Smith, Precious Metals Mining Stock Expert and Expert in the Resource sector. David Smith co-wrote the book Second Chance: How to make and. Keep Big Money from the Gold and Silver Shock - Wave with David Morgan of The Morgan Report. David Smith is a senior resource analyst for the Morgan Report. David Smith travels the world visiting mining properties and analyzing their potential.

David writes for many precious metal mining financial sites. He will also be a featured speaker at the Silver Symposium.

In today's interview David gives us some insider hints for profiting from Canadian Mining Stocks. There are some critical nuances he feels the US Investor needs to understand to profit.

The second idea in the book Second Chance is just as important as the first but investors tend to pay more attention to making money and less attention on strategies on how to keep what you made. David feels many investors will ride the Gold and Silver Shock wave up but then ride it all the way down.

David has some effective strategies so that doesn't happen to you and you leave the table with your earnings.


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