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Wall Street Silver's motto is Buy Physical Silver - Protect your wealth. This week on Ted Sudol interviews Ivan Bayoukhi. Ivan is the founder of the Reddit group Wall Street Silver. This group is growing at an amazing rate. Since our last interview about a week ago they have added over 10,000 members and are now at 60,000 strong.

Ivan feels the group's focus on increasing the public's awareness of silver has been a major factor in today's Silver Squeeze. There are many reports of mints, precious metals dealers, etc running out of physical silver. This silver squeeze is exposing the lie of paper silver. The paper silver is fiction that can only happen through the charade of hypothecation and fractional lending. Many people that believe they have physical silver really only have a paper promise of silver. The bullion banks and central banks depend upon not everyone demanding delivery of their physical silver at the same time so they sell the same piece of silver over and over again.

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Be sure to visit the Wall Street Silver on Reddit or visit to find out the latest from Ivan and the Silverbacks as the group members call themselves

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