A Goal Line Stand in Super Bowl V: How it Failed, and Then Succeeded


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Most pro football historians who study the past Super Bowls will tell you that the greatest goal-line stand in Super Bowl history came in the third quarter of Super Bowl XVI. That goal-line stand by the San Francisco 49ers did detrimental harm to the chances of the Cincinnati Bengals to score what would have been a very important touchdown. The 49ers prevailed in a 26-21 win.

I happen to agree with most folks that the Super Bowl XVI goal-line stand was certainly the greatest one in Super Bowl history. But I am reminded of the goal-line stand in Super Bowl V. The goal-line stand in Super Bowl V, you say? Well, do not feel bad.

Most pro football fans (and perhaps quite a few pro football historians) would be hard-pressed to remember it.

That could be because it occurred late in the first half in a tight contest between the Baltimore Colts and the Dallas Cowboys in Miami’s Orange Bowl Stadium. And quite a lot of people have forgotten it because it did not really play a decided point in the winning or losing of that game for either team…or did it?....................

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