Running to Win a Super Bowl (Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins)


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Prior to 1978, pro football was regarded as primarily a running game. The objective of the forward pass was still not as refined and as perfected as it would become in the years after 1978. In 1972, with the advent of the hash marks moving closer to the middle of the field, the largest number of runners to ever eclipse 1,000 yards rushing in a season (10) would make NFL history. But to close out the 1971 season, one team used a Super Bowl to show off their multi-back backfield’s avenue of setting records and of the ultimate success…victory in the ultimate game of the year............

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PIgskin Past is a podcast dedicated to teaching fans about the history of the NFL during the 1970s, a time when the host (Joe Zagorski) grew up as a rabid fan of the game. Joe is also an author of multiple NFL books. See Joe's books below.

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