Episode 39 - Magpies Hate Rap


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For this episode we had planned to cover our differing approaches to army painting/planning from start to finish, but unfortunately get derailed! Instead we have a good old hobby chat. Rob talks about his Necrons and the trials and tribulations of being a DVD collection owner, Ian is avoiding painting yellow squig skin, and I talk about my recently revealed Bitterclaw Riders 3D printed Pirate Ogor (Beastclaw Raider) army.

Links mentioned in the show:

Newly Updated Nurgle & Lumineth Age of Sigmar Tokens: Pro Painted Studios

Bitterclaw Riders Reveal Video

Youtube AoS Battle Reports: Wargamer Online

Kharadron Focussed Hobby Content & Gaming Box Overview: Aethercast


Music: Intro – Vale of Shadows - Gunship Outro – The Midnight- Good in Red

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