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DAWN HEALS THE DARKEST HOUR | The antithesis of suicide’s promise of pain relief, is the healing hope of human compassion and connection. Founded on this principle of Relational Safety, PROTECT is a new dawn in the practice of assets-based recovery oriented care for people in suicidal distress. When seeking out the source of pain, PROTECT transcends the deficits-focus of “what’s the matter with you” to “what matters to you”, a novel mindset that unlocks the true potential in both the professional and the person, to chip away at the pain and/or raise their tolerance to it… The author / podcaster, Dr Manaan Kar Ray, a leader, and innovator in Mental Health Crisis Care, trained as a Psychiatrist in Oxford and then served for a decade as a Director in Cambridge. Currently the Director of Mental Health Services at Princes Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane; he is passionate about transforming the clinical practice of suicide prevention. PROTECT combines the latest research with person-centred practice from the internationally acclaimed initiatives he has led. This training podcast is an essential listen read for all health care professionals and provides both the essential and advanced competencies in suicide prevention. Further information at

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