G08 | Recap of CORE Module - in Conversation with Tracey Chitty


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In the second of the Recaps we go through the four chapters in the CORE module and pin down the key messages:

  1. Care Compass - Risk vs Recovery - without risk there is no recovery, with the right care the person has more control
  2. Optimise Pain Relief - Dig deep to establish the need and interests that lie beneath the position of dying, help them see that they want to be pain free and our role is to help them be pain free.
  3. Risk Rethink - High - Medium - Low are static categories to characterise risk which is inherently dynamic, move to a more nuanced approach of thinking about risk in terms of longitudinal risk, cross sectional risk and unaddressed risk - that will help us formulate an opinion on clear and / or imminent risk.
  4. Empathy in Action - Move from what's the matter with you to What matters to you, use the equation of Empathy in Action

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