G09 | Humor Heals - World Suicide Prevention Day Special with Mallori and Lodge


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A special episode to mark the 10th of September - World Suicide Prevention Day.
Humor Heals #LOL @the Sound of Hope provides 3 exercises of therapeutic humour.

  • Pile ‘o Punchlines
  • The Comedy of Complaints
  • The Comedy of Contradictions

Its a collaboration with Mallori DeSalle and Lodge McCammon. By brining humour to one of the most serious of topics, "suicide", they are providing an avenue for people who work in mental health care to fill their cups. Supporting people in suicidal distress over a lifetime is a marathon, not a sprint, humor may be one of the answers to maintain energy in the long run and even a way to connect with a person in deep distress. Sounds risky, but is rewarding. Give it a try. I did...
A bit about our invited guests:
Mallori DeSalle, MA, LMHC, NCC, CMHC, MATS, CPS, CHP

Therapist, Trainer, Humorist, Indiana University

Mallori DeSalle is a licensed mental health counselor, an internationally certified prevention specialist,motivational interviewing trainer and a certified humor professional. As a speaker and trainer, she has sparked curiosity in both the young and young-at-heart. Her passion for creating a lasting impact led her to the public health field and for the past 14 years she has worked at Prevention Insights, a center within the School of Public Health at Indiana University, Bloomington. Mallori works with people all over the world. She served on the Board of Directors for the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor and in 2021 became a TEDx speaker. Her credentials don’t impress her family, but occasionally her corny jokes do make them laugh. https://malloridesalle.com/
Lodge McCammon, PhD

Humorist, Musician, Educator, Speaker

Dr. Lodge McCammon is a therapeutic humorist, instructional designer, author, musician, and international education consultant who provides professional services, including keynote speeches, workshops, curriculum development, and a variety of training programs. He works with school districts, universities, nonprofits, and businesses (e.g., Palm Beach Schools, University of the West Indies, Discovery Education, Microsoft, Amazon). Most recently, Lodge facilitated a month of therapeutic humor for the Nourished Teachers Community, which is a Facebook-funded initiative focused on helping educators cope with work stress and avoid burnout. He uses a program that he designed called “Laugh It Off!" to help his clients transform their daily frustrations into humor. https://lodgemccammon.com/

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