011: pure creative force interview - Christie McNab, actress


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In this episode, I interview Christie McNab, an Atlanta-based actress who at a young age had a passion for film and television. She co-wrote and stars in a short film called the Break Up, and also plays the lead in another short film called Katie. On the big screen, she has supporting roles in the movie Almost Friends opposite Freddie Highmore & Haley Joel Osment, as well as television appearances in NBC's Powerless and CMT's Nashville.

She shares her journey as a performer, how she embraces the vulnerability of acting and bringing her truest self to every role. We discuss auditions and resilience in light of rejection, and how to overcome self sabotage and those pesky voices from your past that may keep you doubting yourself. We talk about women holding more powerful roles in the creation and production of film, and how the #metoo movement has created a healing opportunity for women who suffered abuse to be seen, heard and validated.

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