74. Million Dollar Flippers with EVC Homes


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Erin and Cleadus Shelton of EVC Homes are the definition of a rags to riches success story. Back in Season 2 Episode 3, they shared how they went from poverty and homelessness to becoming one of the most prominent and successful real estate investors in the Central Valley.

On today's episode, we wanted to bring Erin and Cleadus back on the podcast to share two of their most recent million dollar flips in one of the most historic and prestigious neighborhoods in Fresno, CA:

4190 N Van Ness Blvd, Fresno, CA 93704

621 E Santa Ana Ave, Fresno, CA 93704

EVC Homes is well known for their top of the line, jaw-dropping, quality work in the Central Valley. With a quick Google search of these two properties, you will find just how beautiful they turned out.

To check out all of EVC's current and previous projects, including the two million-dollar flips they discussed today, you can find them them on social media @evchomes

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