Being in a Groove vs Being in a Rut.


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What is the difference between being in a grove and being in a rut? Can you move from one to the other? It seems like a pretty straightforward answer. But when Stewart Wiggins, Karen Loomis and I got into it, we realized there was some nuisance there. We decided a groove can turn into a rut but not the other way around. Do you agree or disagree with us? To learn about the panelists, please visit their LinkedIn profiles: Karen Loomis: Stewart Wiggins: Dr Robyn Odegaard: #QuickHits are designed to exercise your brain by letting you listen in on an unscripted conversation to get other people's thoughts on various subjects. If you would like to join a conversation or have a topic you would like to hear discussed, please message me. #boredom #GetOutOfaRut #GetIntheGroove #motivation

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