How to forgive someone who isn‘t sorry


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Do you have to forgive someone to let go of something? Should you forgive someone who isn't sorry? Does letting something go mean "forgive and forget?" What I can say for sure after this conversation: English words mean very different things even among native English speakers. Listen in as Tim Hawkes, Kristin Bainger, Wayne Buckhanan, and I try to sort through what forgiveness means, touch on what it means to be sorry and try to figure out where we stand on releasing bitterness versus forgiveness. To learn about the panelist, please visit their LinkedIn profiles: Kristin Bainger: Tim Hawkes:

Dr. Wayne Buckhanan:

Dr Robyn Odegaard: #QuickHits are designed to exercise your brain by letting you listen in on an unscripted conversation to get other people's thoughts on various subjects. #forgiveness #forgiveandforget #podcast #relationships

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