#1 - I am Your Father: Explain Wolverine to Me Like I'm 5


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Ever wondered what it would be like to be completely shut off from pop culture? Can you imagine yourself not knowing the most famous member of the X-Men?

Welcome to the first episode of I am Your Father. In this brand new show, seasoned podcaster Garrett Weinzierl introduces famous nerd fiction to his dad. In this first episode the two prepare for Dad’s first viewing of Logan and get an idea where Dad stand on fiction in general. And Garrett’s dad is not a fiction fan. Or so Garrett thought… Join as Garrett’s mind is blown finding out what extremely nerdy fiction his dad grew up loving.

Actor and character names you can shout at the hosts as they fail to remember:

· Logan (IMDb)

· The Mask of Zorro (IMDb)

· Star Trek: The Original Series (IMDb)

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