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Garrett has a new podcast! Enjoy the first episode and subscribe if you dig what you hear!
Episode Summary

We’re back! You’re here, perhaps for the first time. The voyage begins. The Grinding Gear Podcast is here to bring you burn-out-free video game coverage and much more. Join Garrett and Kyle, podcast veterans as they are, for Wrath Classics release date, the D&D movie trailer, and a big serving of God of War 2018. Emails and more. Supportourbromance.com or we’ll make NFTs!

The two of us are supported by our wonderful patrons via Patreon! If you would like to help support our work go to http://Patreon.com/garrettandkyle. The GG Patrons are responsible for many improvements to the streams, videos, and podcasts.

The Grinding Gear Podcast provides burnout-free video game coverage from podcast veterans. Join Garrett and Kyle every week as they get lost in games, pop culture, and everything they’re personally playing.

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