E5S8 - Cryptocurrencies and why investing is a spiritual practice with Elle Minty


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In this episode, we chat with Elle Minty, The Financial Alchemyst. Elle is a certified energy healer, tarot reader, manifestation expert, and Human Design reader. She is also deeply passionate about money, investing, and cryptocurrencies. Elle teaches us all about the foundational aspects of cryptocurrencies and how to get started, and she also explains how going into crypto is part of our self-development and empowerment, and is a great pathway to uncovering limiting beliefs around money. We ask Elle why we should invest, and why crypto? Why is it important for women to join the market? Elle also shared her top tips for investing in crypto. Elle is one of the first female bitcoin investors, and she is committed to supporting women to an abundant life. Join us for a fascinating conversation on money and spirituality, the best of both worlds!

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