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Today's episode is a highly requested one. We finally have the pleasure and honor of having Billie Lue Fung on our podcast. Billie is the founder of Divine Mind Intelligence - a personalized program to help you understand the quantum universal laws and to truly create your life and follow your authentic way of living and creating. We have mentioned Billie various times throughout this podcast, as we both have been through this program. You might have heard of Billie through the podcast Raw & Real with Tiril Refsum, the founder of Oslo Raw. Billie is also the creator of the newly launched training Quantum Life Readings, where you can learn how to access your quantum abilities - to learn to read energy. This episode is for you if you need a reminder of just how powerful we humans are, what we can do to connect, how to know when a decision is "right", and what to do when fear of money is holding you back.

How to join the membership session:
On the 2nd of March, we have a special membership session on Quantum Life abilities with Billie. The session is open for all - members and non-members, totally free of charge. To join, send us a DM on @radicalbroccoli on Instagram. Our members will have the chance to get a lovely discount on the upcoming QLR course.

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