S5E4 - Anja Hammerseng-Edin & Marius Sørlie on focus, following our dreams, and living from our hearts


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In this episode, we have the pleasure of talking with Anja-Hammerseng Edin and Marius Sørlie, two amazing, passionate, and inspiring people who live and breathe personal development. Anja is one of Norway's best handball players of her time and is now dedicated to sharing her takeaways from going through what seems impossible. She shares valuable life advice and insight in her public speaking, on social media channels, and in her own podcast. We also had the pleasure of learning valuable advice from mental trainer and public speaker Marius Sørlie, who has co-founded the personal development app Heart Mentality together with Anja. Marius is a focused trainer, and shares his best advice on how to keep focus, and even what our procrastination is actually telling us.
In the episode, we touch on unlocking our potential, daily wellness rituals, finding balance in life, meditation, brain waves, how to release emotions, focus and so much more!
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