Taking the leap, making the change - our experiences and best tips


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In this episode, Anette and Susanne share their experiences on their big jumps in life. Quitting jobs, moving countries, creating a business, letting go of relationships. All those big life changes.
This episode is all about that change that you want to make. How to know which inner voice to trust? How to know which direction to go in? Who to ask for advice?
Anette and Susanne also talk about that feeling - the void or the "black hole" - that comes after we have made a big decision. The doubt, the fear, the self-questioning. How do we handle all that and still go through with what we want? How to know that we are worthy of living the life that we dream of?
They also share their best tips on the whole process - from the first feeling, idea, or dream, all the way through completion!

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