467: Not The Kebab Awards Episode But Still Good


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We're sorry, but this is not the hotly anticipated kebab awards episode. That's happening next week now. There was a small legal issue we had to iron out involving, well, a kebab, naturally, plus so much libel it would make a judge's powder wig whizz out of the courtroom window and fly back to the special bird house where the wig lives with his wig wife (also a wig), and the wig wife says "bad day at work honey?" and the wig says (all dejected like) "you wouldn't believe what I have to put up with in that courtroom, I swear to god." And the wig wife says reassuringly, "do you want to go on a picnic?" And the wig says (get this), "no, you go on ahead" (a head). What? Oh, in this one Log invents a rotating meatkind, Steve sells the podcast out from underneath us, and Joe gets reacquainted with an old spoon-bending friend. PLEASE enjoy it.

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