Lilith Fury | Lipedema, fat bias, and weight stigma in healthcare


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In this interview, Nikki chats with horror actress, plus size model, and activist Lilith Fury about her experience with lipedema and fat bias and weight stigma when seeking medical help.

They discuss:

  • How fat bias and weight stigma delayed her diagnosis and resulted in poor and even life threatening medical care
  • What lipedema is and how this somewhat common condition is so poorly understood by the general public and medical community due to fat bias
  • What it is like to live with lipedema and the mistreatment that larger bodied and fat people face on the internet, in medicine, and in day to day life
  • Why Lilith seeks out companies that lack representation of fat people to partner with
  • Lilith's work to normalize mobility aids, such as canes, and her work to increase representation in fashion and film

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