The Gap Between the Rich and Poor is Widening


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Robert Kiyosaki, who was born in Hilo, HI couldn’t help but notice the widening gap between the rich and the poor during his last trip to Hawaii only a month ago. Today’s guest, who first interviewed Robert 30 years ago, and is also a resident of Hawaii, gives her perspective of what is going on.

Yue-Sai Kan, is an Emmy-winning television host and producer, successful entrepreneur, fashion icon, bestselling author, and humanitarian. People magazine called her "the most famous woman in China” and Time magazine proclaimed her "the Queen of the Middle Kingdom."

Yue-Sai explains the current climate in the Hawaii political system. She says, “We are supposed to have a two-party system, but in Hawaii one party is so powerful you don’t hear from opposing viewpoints making things so impossible.”

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Yue-Sai Kan discuss why the gap is growing between the rich and poor and why financial education is more important than ever before.

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