5 Reasons to Buy Gold & Silver NOW


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The Federal Reserve has printed $30 Million dollars in 30 months. More than any other time in history. As you know, low demand and high supply mean a drop in value of anything, including the dollar. The reason Robert and Kim Kiyosaki hold gold and silver is because they don’t trust the government. Today’s guest explains why you should hold gold and silver.

Rick Rule is the President and CEO at Rule Investment Media, and he says, “There are five reasons why people need to be afraid of the maintenance of their purchasing power in conventional instruments, and why gold and silver are likely to do well than poorly.”

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Rick Rule discuss the five reasons why gold and silver should be a part of your investment portfolio today.


Visit www.ruleinvestmentmedia.com, enter your resource stocks, Rick Rule will give you his comments on the stocks.

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