Will Crypto Survive?


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As with many aspects of the digital currency world, DeFi is still in its early stages of development. But it has the potential to transform financial services the same way that the internet has transformed communication services. Today’s guest says the difficult thing is finding out if there’s real value.

Jeff Wang, VP of Product at tomocrypto.com and contributor to the Rich Dad Crypto Newsletter says, “The big difference this time, is there is a connection to the real world. Actually using the crypto you have.” Things that are happening in the real world are getting represented in crypto.

Additionally, Robert and Jeff discuss:

  • Crypto's bear market (correlation to stock market)
  • Biden Executive order/central bank digital currency
  • Crypto’s role during the Russia/Ukrainian war and how it accelerated regulatory actions

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Jeff Wang discuss the future of crypto and how to differentiate between valuable crypto and just hype.

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