Leading Beyond the Pandemic - 10 Changes to Consider with Benjamin Lund quist - RAL 50


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In this episode Benjamin talks about how to lead effectively beyond the pandemic. Remember, you need to be an anticipatory leader and not a simply a reactionary leader. Know what changes are coming so you, your team, and your organization can pivot quickly to continue moving your mission forward. Benjamin is always watching leadership trends and in this episode he shares 10 changes to consider as we are hopefully coming out of the pandemic. What happened in the spring of 2020 caught the world off guard, but you can be proactive about what has changed and what is coming. Don't forget to subscribe to the Rise and Lead Podcast to ensure you get notified when new episodes release every month. When you share about the podcast, make sure and tag @benjaminlundquist, and he'll always try and give you a re-post. Remember, the best time to rise and lead is now!

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