Federalism – empowering communities


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Federalism is power-sharing among regions and the central government of a country. It is the vertical division of power. It’s a joint agreement of regions, of states, of communities, that leaves the subnational governments the choice and possibility to find their own appropriate, tailor-made governance solutions for its communities.

Federalism can only work with strong democratic institutions. It is crucial that institutions represent and balance the people’s interests well, and that put executive constraints on local leaders, and that do not concentrate power in local elites.

Federalism cherishes differences rather than uniformity. It cherishes different cultures, different languages and different communities.

In this episode, I provide a preview of some of the issues I want to discuss with regard to federalism and decentralization, which will be a significant topic on the show.

Find the show notes with a full transcript and links to all material discussed here: https://rulesofthegame.blog/federalism-empowering-communities/

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