RQG 206 - It's Inside


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Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they quickly find out their safe haven is anything but...

This week Cel examines the body, Hamid hears something ominous, Zolf demands the door be opened, and Azu gets quite a shock.

Content Notes:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Poisoning & drugging
  • Physical violence
  • Body horror
  • Discussions of: character death, human remains, murder & animal attacks
  • Mentions of: gore & blood, blades & stabbing, grief, bombs, emetophobia
  • SFX: bubbling, hissing, brief glitching/distortion sound, static & lightning, high-pitched tones, occasional beeping

Editing this week by Lowri Ann Davies, Tessa Vroom & Cathy Rinella.

SFX this week by Wasdtwo, kyles, deleted_user_2104797, DiscordantScraps, SomeSine, plingativator, Tony01726, JavierZumer, jorickhoofd, ThBuilder15, JakLocke, ihitokage, pfranzen, BabelFishTank, arashta, iamadam19, wly, IPaddeh, mypantsfelldown, szegvari, rafaelzimrp, MATRIXXX_, jotica012, Imbubec, Vlatko Blžek - Varaždin, Croatia - e-mail: vlatkoblazek@gmail.com - http://www.freesound.org/people/VlatkoBlazek/, gristi, mallement, NewEonOrchestra, Izmraul, SypherZent, quedicemipez, Johnc, Halleck, F.M.Audio and previously credited artists via Freesound.org.

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