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Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they realize they are not alone in these tunnels.

This week Hamid suggests a trap, Zolf detects a sinister taste in the air, Azu keeps silent, and Cel comprehends something horrible...

Content Notes:

  • Underground tunnels
  • Being hunted/stalked
  • Undead & skeletons
  • Threats of death & violence
  • Blood & bleeding
  • Violence
  • Discussions of: classism, non-consensual touch, vampirism
  • Mentions of: apocalypse, death, fire, freezing, food, animal death
  • SFX: low drone, dripping, creaking & rattling, hoarse breathing & whispering, fire, occasional beeping

Editing this week by Marisa Ewing, Tessa Vroom & Cathy Rinella.

SFX this week by Diboz, kwahmah_02, szegvari, dfsd32111, Entagon, mattfinarelli, newagesoup, crashoverride61088, CosmicD, martian, DWOBoyle, florianreichelt, PhonosUPF, EminYILDIRIM and previously credited artists via Freesound.org.

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