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When it comes to SaaS, Scotty Schindler knows what he's talking about. After a few false starts, he started his first software company in 2000 and found success in 2002 with ReNet - a leading provider of real estate agent CRM, front-office and workflow software-as-service that achieved extremely low subscriber churn rates of 1% per month. That success was due, in part, to Scotty's ability to collaborate, network and leverage his resources - something that can help any SaaS owner build a successful company.
In this episode, Scotty shares his biggest challenges and five business philosophies listeners can use to build their SaaS companies.
Today, Scotty spends his time mentoring startups and sharing the systems he created that helped him succeed. You can find Scotty at
To be inspired, tune in to this episode of SaaS Stories!

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