An Umbrella On A Sunny Day? Donna Tahjian 3-18-22


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Mindset is tremendously important in business, sales, and life. The way you feel and think about yourself, your business, your product or service, your abilities, and your possibilities impact your life in every way every day. The very special guest on this episode of The Sales Chalk Talk Show is author, speaker, and coach, Donna Tashjian. Donna has spent the last 25 years helping people get out of their own ways, so they can experience the success they truly desire in every aspect of their lives. What you’ll hear on this podcast: • Stumbling Block #1 Being a Yes Person • Stumbling Block #2 The masks we wear to make people like us • Stumbling Block #3 Not feeling safe • Stumbling Block #4 The I’m OK challenge • Turning baggage into luggage • And MUCH, MUCH more! Come listen in with me as Donna shares some great ideas to move past the stumbling blocks and create the life you want! Donna’s website is Get your free chapter of Gene’s book “The Sales Edge” at If you’d like to take advantage of more resources to help you dramatically increase your sales and revenue, go to Join the Red Cap Sales VIP private Facebook Group. It’s FREE, and it’s packed with blogs, podcasts, FB Live presentations, sales tips, ideas, and strategies!

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