Building Authority - Simone Vincenzi 5-18-22


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There’s a difference between being an expert and an authority. You can be an expert in any field, and it means nothing business-wise if nobody knows it. So, how do move from being an expert to being an authority? That’s the question that the very special guest on this episode of The Sales Chalk Talk Show answers for you. Simone Vincenzi has helped hundreds of companies scale their sales and revenue by increasing their authority, the recognition that they are experts at what they do! On this podcast you’ll learn about: • The differences between expertise and authority • Some hard-learned lessons about building authority • Building authority early in the life of your business • How to cut through all the noise on the internet and be heard • A common myth about authority that needs to be debunked • And MUCH More Come listen in, laugh, and learn as my super cohost Jim Hamlin and I learn from this highly-skilled authority builder. Simone’s website is If you’re in the Lubbock, Texas, area, and you want to live in total comfort in your home or office, no matter what the weather is like outside, call Jim at (205) 999-1402. If you’d like to take advantage of more resources to help you dramatically increase your sales and revenue, go to Join the Red Cap Sales VIP private Facebook Group. It’s FREE, and it’s packed with blogs, podcasts, FB Live presentations, sales tips, ideas, and strategies!

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