Continuous Sales Improvement - Eric Lofholm 2-15-21


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This episode of Sales Chalk Talk is a little longer than usual, and that’s great news for you, because the very special guest is MY sales coach, Eric Lofholm. Eric is considered to be THE top. master sales trainer of his generation. You will learn an absolute ton of awesome lessons on today’s podcast that will help you excel at selling when you apply it in your sales efforts. What you’ll discover on this podcast: • The importance of a strong, positive sales mindset • The most important consideration when hiring salespeople • How to attain mastery of the sales skills that will increase your sales and income • How salespeople get in their own way in succeeding in selling • And MUCH, MUCH more! Come listen in with my awesome cohost, Gene McNaughton, as we learn from one of the masters of sales training. Eric’s website is Also, check out Gene McNaughton’s website at, and get a free chapter of his book “The Sales Edge” at If you’d like to take advantage of more resources to help you dramatically increase your sales and revenue, go to

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