CRMs And Marketing - Desi Bolin 12-6-21


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The success of your business, your marketing, and your sales depends largely on how organized you are in your activities in those areas. The very special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk is Desi Bolin, an expert in many aspects of business. Desi is an advocate of CRMs in getting your business organized and running on all cylinders. What you’ll learn on this podcast: • The biggest functional block you need to have in place in your company • The most effective form of marketing today • The biggest issues companies are experiencing currently • How to build incredible customer experience • The most important facet of branding • And MUCH more! Come and listen in with me as Desi talks about factors that will help you successfully start and build any business. Desi’s website is You can register for her upcoming workshop, “CRM – The Importance for Effectiveness” at

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