Selling With Noble Purpose - Lisa McLeod 12-28-20


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The old style of selling – manipulation, arguing, pushiness, aggressiveness, shaming, and rudeness - is thankfully becoming passe! On this episode of The Sales Chalk Talk Show, very special guest, Lisa McLeod talks about her new book, “Selling with Noble Purpose”. Companies that have a higher purpose than simply making money are experiencing more sales and more revenue because their purpose is service to their prospects and customers. On this podcast, you’ll hear: • How noble the sales profession currently is • How noble purpose and capitalism fit together • How noble purpose influences sales results • How you can tap into your noble purpose • And MUCH, MUCH more Listen with me as Lisa teaches about a relatively new and tremendously successful way of conducting your sales and your business. Lisa’s website is Also, check out Gene McNaughton’s website at, and get a free chapter of his book “The Sales Edge” at If you’d like to take advantage of more resources to help you dramatically increase your sales and revenue, go to

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