UnReceptive - Tom Stanfill 11-17-21


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You may believe that it’s impossible to sell to unreceptive prospects. And you may believe that introverts can’t sell. The very special guest on this episode of The Sales Chalk Talk Show will probably change your thinking about those two beliefs. Tom Stanfill has a brand new book out titled UnReceptive - A better way to sell, lead, and influence. On this podcast, you’ll hear: • How the traditional approach to selling sabotages your ability to sell to the unreceptive prospect • How easy it is to learn to sell to the unreceptive • What will actually happen when you learn this approach • The most influential people are other-centered • And MUCH more! Come listen in with my awesome co-host, Gene McNaughton and me as we learn some great sales lessons that are not commonly taught these days! Tom’s websites are aslantraining.com and unreceptivebook.com. Get your free chapter of Gene’s book “The Sales Edge” at http://thesalesedge.co. If you’d like to take advantage of more resources to help you dramatically increase your sales and revenue, go to https://redcapsalescoaching.com. Join the Red Cap Sales VIP private Facebook Group. It’s FREE, and it’s packed with blogs, podcasts, FB Live presentations, sales tips, ideas, and strategies! https://bit.ly/red-cap-sales-vip.

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