SPRINT Blues N Roots - Salty Dog (April 2022)


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Salty Dog's SPRINT Podcast, April 2022 Visit: www.salty.com.au We feature the soul blues sensation from downunder this time around, The McNaMarr Project. Salty talks with John and Andrea about their new release 'Run With Me', with some great cuts throughout. New music finds from Laurua Rain, Amund Maarud, And just great cuts from Laura Rain, Oliver Mally Group, Paulie Bignell, Hound Dog Taylor, Josh Cheyenne, Amund Maarud, Guitar Shorty, McNaMarr Project, Horojo Trio, Justin Currie, Mike Steven, TL Reeve, Mudlow, Othman Wahabi, Bernie Marsden, Endless Boogie. ----------- ARTIST / TRACK / ALBUM ** Australia 1. Laura Rain N The Caesars / Meet Me In The Middle / Closer 2. Sir Oliver Mally Group / Bleeding Sunshine / Tryin' To Get By 3. ** Paulie Bignell N Thornbury Two / Drivin' All Night / Express Elevator 4. Hound Dog Taylor / She's Gone / Hound Dog Taylor And The House Rockers 5. ** Josh Cheyenne / Sugar Coated Love / Natural Blues 6. Amund Maarud / Your Star Is Fading / Dirt 7. Guitar Shorty / Down That Road Again / We The People 8. ** Interview with McNaMarr Project / selected tracks / pre release Run With Me 9. Horojo Trio / Set the Record Straight / Set The Record 10. Justin Currie / Anywhere I'm Away From You / The Great War 11. Mike Steven / Big John McNeill / The World Is Only Air 12. ** T.K Reeve / Pay No Mind / Pay No Mind 13. Mudlow / Minnesota Snow / Waiting For The Tide To Rise 14. Othman Wahabi / Clean My Soul / Spiritual Pathwork 15. Bernie Marsden / Don't Want No Woman / Green and Blues 16. Endless Boogie / Dirty Angel / Vol I,II

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