Episode 10: Indomitus - A New Era of War


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In our tenth episode we are talking all things ninth edition; our in-depth impressions on the Indomitus boxset, the need for rules ‘clarifications’, the glorious CRUSADE system, questionable helmets and more.We also discuss our recent highlights from the world of 40k, off-kilter logos and what it means to be all about that official cardboard.

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>Warning: Explicit Language<

Character artwork done by Snipe - check her out on the Twitter @SnipeTheSorrow. Intro Music - 40k:FL remix by Adam Nicol. Outro Music: ‘A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing’ © 2012 Circle of Rage. Used with permission. Sound effects used from iLife effects package within Logic X, royalty-free © 2015 Apple. Additional music used from Apple Loops within Logic x royalty-free © 2015 Apple. Additional sound effects used from Ghosthack, royalty-free © 2019 Ghosthack.

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