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On today's episode of "Say Less," Kaz, Lowkey and Rosy recount an eventful 48 hours before they recorded the podcast which included terrible Uber drivers, Lowkey's new hotspot in New York City aptly named "Lowkey's Corner" and Rosy and Kaz going head to head at Footlocker's Ken Griffey Jr. Legacy Game in Brooklyn. The gang also addresses rumors that Lowkey and Rosy are the new hot "It" couple in podcasting and how you can totally insult your friends even when you don't mean to. We unfortunately have to address the rosebuds once again sending hammer flicks to Rosy in her DMs as well as what new haircut confidence does to a black man. We discuss these incredible NBA playoffs and the likelihood a new megastar will be crowned, our favorite guilty pleasure records that we sing at the top of our lungs as well as Drake showing up at Sierra Canyon high school basketball games.

04:10 - Off That Abisola

10:45 - "LowKey's Corner"

30:20 - The New Podcast "It" Couple

34:10 - Rosebuds Shooting Hammer Pics

41:00 - As An Athlete Part 2

1:03:30 - Not Guilty Pleasures

1:12:00 - The Incredible NBA Playoffs

1:27:30 - New Haircut Confidence

1:3730 - Drake and Amari Bailey's Mom


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