Episode 346: Ape Brains Mumble Melodically


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Av Devon Craft and Steven Domingues and Benjamin Daniel Lawless, Devon Craft, and Steven Domingues oppdaget av Player FM og vårt samfunn — opphavsrett er eid av utgiveren, ikke Plaer FM, og lyd streames direkte fra deres servere. Trykk på Abonner knappen for å spore oppdateringer i Player FM, eller lim inn feed URLen til andre podcast apper.

This episode contains: A special congratulations to Ben's mom for 9 years sober! Great job Martha! We talk about our covid vaccine experiences.

Genetics, yeah!: More than 500 genes linking depression and anxiety discovered in new study. We talk neuroticism and how it is one of the Big 5 personality traits.


Brain Matters: How did humans develop larger brains than other apes? What is the genetic mechanism that allowed our brains to grow larger? What are 'brain organoids' and how did they help fine a genetic switch for brains?


And I Don't Know What I'm Saying: There's a new Nirvana song out, and it was written by Google's AI. We're now training neural networks on Nirvana's music and this is the world I want to live in.


Science Fiction: Do you like space? Alternate History? LEGOS? We've got all that and more! Steven bought and built the Lunar Lander LEGO set. Ben and Devon recap two episodes of For All Mankind; And Here's To You and Triage. We continue to talk about this amazing show that tracks the alternate history answering the questions of what would have happened if the Russians has landed on the moon before us. GO WATCH IT.

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