Episode 352: TiMe DiSpLAceD


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Av Devon Craft and Steven Domingues and Benjamin Daniel Lawless, Devon Craft, and Steven Domingues oppdaget av Player FM og vårt samfunn — opphavsrett er eid av utgiveren, ikke Plaer FM, og lyd streames direkte fra deres servere. Trykk på Abonner knappen for å spore oppdateringer i Player FM, eller lim inn feed URLen til andre podcast apper.

This episode contains: This is a weird episode. We didn't record at the same time and Devon only speaks in music. Ben (and son) saw the lunar eclipse. Steven went on a puzzle and LEGO fueled staycation.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend: Researchers force two mice to hang out and induce FOMO in a third. Researchers generated synchronized interbrain activity using optogenetic hardware and modulating neuronal activity. Is that even english?


Robot Overlords: The age of killer robots may have already begun. Autonomous weapons have been used to fight and kill human beings based on artificial intelligence. What a weird and dangerous timeline.


Science Fiction: Ben found out about Sulu's missing scene in Wrath of Khan and talks about it. Steven covers the latest episode of The Bad Batch. Ben talks to us about the Unity Edit of Wrath of Khan, and why it had so much recycled footage in it.


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