Episode 363: A Thomas Riker Situation


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This episode contains: We talk about how crazy of a weep we've been having. Ben's son broke his arm, Steven went to a high school reunion and for some reason we're still teaching cursive writing in schools.

That is a Spicy Meatball: Humans just generated nuclear energy akin to a star. What can humanity accomplish with an abundance of laser beams and tiny hydrogen fuel pellets? Almost ignition. Also, the lab that did this was in Star Trek Into Darkness, so that's cool I guess.


Perpetual Something: Cancer patients' own cells used in 3D printed tumours to test treatments. Some current science feels like future science to Steven. Bioprinting? Wow.


Science Fiction: Before we talk science we take a detour into screen shot tools, website problems, and technical stuff that Steven barely understands. Ben is the smart one? Outstanding. We have a chat about a listener response (hi Renee!), and then get into the Lower Decks talk. Ben wants a Lieutenant Kayshon puppet. Steven and Ben then review episode 2 of What If...?. What if T'Challa became a Star Lord? We love it, such a cool show. Steven also responds a bit to the latest Eternals trailer.

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