S3-08. Deconstructing the Rope: Language comprehension with Sonia Cabell


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Join Sonia Cabell, assistant professor at the School of Teacher Education at Florida State University, in the latest episode of our Deconstructing the Rope series as she unwinds language comprehension, a strand of Scarborough’s Reading Rope. Sonia explains the true definition of language comprehension in relation to the simple view of reading and highlights the role of parents and educators in the use of advanced language models in literacy development. She also reflects on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on teachers and families and discusses how it has highlighted the importance of education today.


“Young children are very smart. They know a great deal more than we give them credit for and they can do a lot more than we understand.”

“Parents are childrens’ first teachers and so, to really embrace parents in childrens’ learning process is really critical.”

Show Notes:

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