Episode 451 Fringe S01E12 The No-Brainer


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Join Dave and Wayne for genre television show news, a glimpse into what the hosts are currently watching, commentary and analysis of Fringe, and our listener feedback.

This week on the SciFi TV Rewatch podcast we find it difficult to praise this episode of Fringe, but Walter’s willingness to meet with the mother of the girl who died in the lab fire 17 years ago stands as a highlight. There are simply too many weak plot details to grade this standalone above a B.

In our What We're Watching segment, Wayne gives high praise to the first season of Vikings: Valhalla, and Dave, once again, talks about the Paul Giamatti series Billions currently airing on Showtime.

In Listener Feedback, Fred from the Netherlands mentions a few Really? moments of his own.

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Episode Grades: B

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