STMSS44 - Dr. Amy Taft - Suicide Prevention in Children of Military Families


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About Today’s Guest:

Amy Taft is the wife of retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Ward Taft. Together they have 2 girls and live in Jacksonville, NC. Amy is the founder of Third Star Foundation, an organization that provides ongoing support to children who live in a house with a veteran or service member that has sustained an injury or wound as a result of their time in service. Amy founded the organization after witnessing her own children go through drastic behavior changes after their father returned home from combat with a moderate brain injury. Her goal is to allow children to meet other peers that have a shared experience and give them the tools they need to express their emotions in a healthy way. Amy also wants to bring awareness to child suicide and the devestating effects that isolation has on children. Amy spent 7 years as a classroom teacher just outside Marine Corps BaseCamp Lejeune and currently serves as the Sr Director of Education for the COMMIT Foundation. Amy was also part of the inaugural GW Bush Institute Veteran Stand To Leadership Program. To learn more about Third Star Foundation, email
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