The Very Best Of What If...? ft. A.C Bradley and Bryan Andrews


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Now that the first season of What If...?, the animated MCU show that told alternate tales from across the Multiverse, has finished its run on Disney+, it's time for Chris Hewitt, Helen O'Hara, Ben Travis, and Amon Warmann to enter the virtual podbooth and have a good old natter about their favourite moments from the series. But that's not all — we also have the show's head writer, A.C. Bradley, and director Bryan Andrews, on hand to fill in the motivations and meanings behind some of the series' most iconic moments. So listen in to find out if they truly do hate Tony Stark, what the Empire team are looking for from season 2, and just what happens when the Hulk explodes. Oh, and you will believe a man can be named after two of the world's great rivers! Enjoy.

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