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We reflect on the recent musings of Python's creator, from the functional to the philosophical.

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  • Zoë Schiffer on Twitter — NEW: Elon Musk has sent another email to Twitter engineers warning them about code reviews. “All managers are expected to write a meaningful amount of software themselves. Being unable to do so is like a cavalry captain who can’t ride a horse.”
  • FiniteSingularity on Twitter — Pro Tip- dont update XCode via the software update app, but rather manually download the pkg from the Apple developer downloads page. It downloads/installs much more quickly.
  • pyenv: Simple Python version management — pyenv lets you easily switch between multiple versions of Python. It's simple, unobtrusive, and follows the UNIX tradition of single-purpose tools that do one thing well.
  • rbenv: Manage your app's Ruby environment — rbenv is a version manager tool for the Ruby programming language on Unix-like systems. It is useful for switching between multiple Ruby versions on the same machine and for ensuring that each project you are working on always runs on the correct Ruby version.
  • nenv: Node Version Management: nenv (based on rbenv) — nenv is a version manager for Node (Node.js / io.js). It is heavily based on rbenv.
  • Guido van Rossum: Python and the Future of Programming — Guido van Rossum is the creator of Python programming language.
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